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Dreams and Symbols are the language of the Divine, Universe, our Angels and Guides, as well as our own inner soul and divine self.  Many times people are receiving all of the information and insights that they are seeking right in front of them; but are not understanding or seeing the "true" message there.  The answers are always right there, it is just learning how to read them and know what they are saying to us.  This work delves into what things really mean when we see symbols that capture our attention and when we dream about different things.  There is more than one way to work with  this.  Here I can help you get answers to pressing questions, figure out things that are baffling you.  You don't have to be great at remembering dreams; but even 3 or 4 simple things can provide a wealth of knowledge.  Often times we remember scattered pieces; or what we remember makes no sense to us.  However in reality when "decoded" makes lots of sense to us.

What we will do here is work primarily in one of the following two ways:

1) Let me know what signs/symbols you are getting that you would like interpreted.

2) You will let me know what question you are looking for insights on.  I will then share with you what to do to receive your answers through your dreams.  You will then provide me with the notes from your dream and I will get the dream interpreted for you.

An average interpretation will take approximately 2 hours for me to do.  You will provide me with the information by email; and I will then respond to let you know how long it will take for me to interpret what you have 1, 2, or 3 hours.  You will receive the insights in writing.

This work can be really valuable for getting understanding on things that seem elusive, confusing, disorienting.  It is also very useful when seeking greater insight to people and situations in your life; and for understanding repeating patterns.  I have used this to shed light on soul lessons, patterns, and processes; as well as to make breakthroughs where I have felt "stuck".  Signs and Symbols are the true universal language that allows us to see the truth in what is happening in our lives

If you have further questions about this work and to get started email me at:

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